Thursday, August 25, 2011

There Is A Point In Here Somewhere

Still no internet. Power was restored yesterday (thank goodness). Power company trucks spent last night and part of today ruining the asthetically pleasing shapes of our trees in order to prevent future occurrences of power lines going down. Our yard is now FULL of branches. Oh, and the tree that took out our power? Yeah, that sucker has to come down. Sounding like the cost might be in the four figure range. (It is a VERY tall tree.)

I received a refurbished phone the other day and finally activated it. Old phone was wonky. It dropped calls, took forever to dial and froze up often. My replacement phone? You guessed it. Piece of crap. Internet is sporadic at best and can barely access The Twitter. THIS WILL NOT DO.

I was home sick today with no wireless internet and basically no Twitter or internet access via my (supposedly) 'smart' phone.

I feel better and will be going to work tomorrow. After being cooped up here in the freaking Dark Ages...I am more than ready.

Thank you for allowing me to whine. In the grand scheme of things, these are insignificant issues but MAN ALIVE are they making me crabby!

Someone close to me told me that I really am the unluckiest person they know. I agreed at the time. Now I realize that she is incorrect. We are healthy. The tree didn't fall on our house and kill us all in our sleep and all of this other stressful stuff has to let up sooner or layer. Right?


Now, if you don't mind...please send good vibes our way. We are pretty frayed at the edges around here and could use them. The prayers though? As appreciative as we are of them, there are people WAY worse off than we are right now. People who have lost loved ones and have kids with cancer and have lost their jobs and are worried about feeding their families. Let's focus all of our prayer energy on THEM.  :)

Now I shall attempt to hit publish on this blog post which has been typed in a painfully slow manner on my phone.  If I end up losing it in the process? Those howls of anguish/fury you hear will be mine. You'll know because I'm sure I will whine profusely on The Twitter...assuming I can access it on my phone.

I keep reminding myself that I am blessed to HAVE a phone. That has stopped me from smashing it against the far anyway.

Love you guys. Thanks for listening.


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