Thursday, August 4, 2011


Update: Those who cannot make it on Saturday are welcome to join some of us at lunch on Sunday - noon at Boca Chica in St. Paul - here's the web site: Please just let me know in the comments or on Twitter so that we can have enough seats. So far 5 of us are going!

So anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I'm having a rough time of it lately. I am working hard to feel better and decided that canceling our gathering would not be good for me so it is STILL ON. I think the best thing I can possibly do to feel better is to surround myself with friends and good food and time together. Yes?

So, because little has been planned I'm asking for a favor. Please comment on this post with the following:
  • Are you coming? Alone or with guests or nurslings?
  • Are you just popping in or planning to stay all night?
  • What time are you planning to arrive? (Any time after 4pm is fine)
  • If you are not staying overnight and want to watch a movie with us, which one would you like to see? If you own it on DVD could you bring it?
  • If you ARE staying overnight, can you bring a munchie snack and if so, what?
  • If you plan to be there at suppertime (5ish) can you bring a dish to pass and if so what?
Here are the details again:
  • The official date of our slumber party is Saturday, August 6th. We have access to the facility any time after 4pm that day and just have to be out before 2pm on Sunday.
  • The location is the Girl Scout Service Center in St. Paul (Anokii Room). The address is 400 Robert St S, St. Paul, MN 55107.
  • There is a $65.00 rental fee, which I already paid. I figured I could just put out a jar for donations? If everyone who can afford it throws a few bucks at me we should be good. Don't feel like you have to pay to come though. I'd rather you be here and not donate than have the donation be an issue!! (Trust me folks, I GET BEING POOR and am not all Judgy McJudgerson about it. I'll put out a donation thing and throw something in if you can. If there is too much money (which would be a happy problem to have) then I will donate the overages to Dave's Lemonade Stand. Deal?
  • I have not seen the facility but have rented space from the Girl Scouts before and have had good experiences. If anyone wants to sneak over there and see if you can get some pics to share beforehand then let me know. I'm sure it will be fine though. From what I understand it fits 35 people comfortably and they have mattresses we can use for sleeping. You will need to bring bedding or sleeping bags or whatever to sleep on. Air mattresses not a bad idea if you have a bad back.
  • You need to bring your own things to eat with (paper plates, utensils, something to drink) but not cooking utensils. There is a kitchen that is stocked with those items.
  • There is a shower but you'll need to bring bath items (towels, soap, shampoo, etc)
  • I didn't see anything in the paperwork about alcohol on site, but I suppose if one wanted to bring a bottle of wine or something it should be ok as long as we are respectful about it. You will need to bring your own drinks. I'll bring water and Dr. Pepper and am willing to share of course. I'll probably make a pitcher or two of sweet tea while I'm there as well.
  • I plan to be wearing my pajamas as soon as I walk into the place and am not changing until I leave. Make up optional. Shoes optional. Combing hair? Optional.  :)  I plan to R-E-L-A-X.
  • Potluck for food. Bring a dinner item if you are there before 5pm otherwise munchies for movie night are fine too. If you are just popping in for a quick visit, please don't feel like you have to bring anything.
  • There IS wireless internet in case you desperately need to Tweet/Blog/G+/whatever.
  • I will be bringing my Hygeia breast pump. If you pump and don't want to lug yours, just bring your own hoses, flages and bottles as the pump is a closed-system and approved for multi-person use. 
  • I will also be bringing the little nursling that requires the use of the breast pump. I donate milk so I pump more than she eats. I was thinking about saying 'Girls Only Plus Nurslings'. 
Because boys might want to get together too, I'm working on a tweet up at lunch time. More details as they are confirmed. Right now we know guacamole might be involved. :) So if you can't make the slumber party, feel free to come to lunch on Sunday! Just leave a comment with your contact info.

Let me know if I forgot anything!!

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Unknown said...

This is going to be SO fun and I am SO bummed that I have to go to an out of town wedding!! Have a blast, girls - and let's do this again sometime!

Stephanie said...

I am still planning on coming but..... I have the worst cold I've had in a long time. If I'm not feeling better by Saturday I will most likely stay home. I'm crossing my fingers for health!!

Suzannah said...

I'll be there in pj's like you from the get go! I can bring anything Lund's makes LOL. I can bring just about any movies... But Beaches makes me cry so hard its counterproductive to watch it if I want to see anything. Any movie ideas shoot me at @suzannah_mpls on Twitter or

Anonymous said...

I will be swinging by for a little bit at least, probably right between 4 and 5 depending on Leo's sleeping. Not sure how long I will stay, but will bring something to share for food!!

So glad you are still doing this, so good for all of us!!

ElleMarieH said...

I would love to go but cannot this time. Hopefully there will be more get-togethers like this!!! I will be in the cities so if there is a time & place set up to meet on Sunday, let me know. No promises but I will try and see you all!

Have a blast ladies!!

Anonymous said...

I still don't know. =/


It would be just me.
I would not stay the night.
I'd probably only be able to stay for an hour or so from the beginning at 4.

Hope I can make it!

The Slacker Mom said...

I'll be there, popping in sometime after 5 or 6 probably, depending on how everything is going with Operation Birthday Prep. We're getting rid of the twins in the morning so I hope it goes smoothly just having 1 kid all day.

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

I'm coming - can't wait to meet you all! I will arrive after 5 PM, too, not sleeping over but I'm in for eating, drinking, chatting, and a movie! I like comedies. ;-)

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

oh - no idea what I'll bring to eat. It'll have to be a surprise.

Our family said...

Sorry I won't be able to be there ... could really use the support of mommy time, but not the right timing as we will be attending a memorial service for the baby we lost to miscarriage that morning :-(

Veronica @vsjacobsen said...

I will be there, probably after 6. I am going to bring my Gilmore Girls DVDs. It's ok if nobody wNt s to watch them, but I will have them. I will bring hummus and chips and sprite. I will be spending the night, but have to head home by 9am.

Laura said...

I was REALLY hoping to be able to make it to this get-together! But the hubby is leaving for Canada to go fishing tomorrow so I will have lots of little people with me. I swear I will make it to one of these so please make sure you keep inviting me! :)
Have SO much fun girls!!

Elle said...

I'm planning to pop in, and I'm not entirely certain what time. And, as ever, it all depends on when little missy decides to show her face. If she's here, I'll be there & nursing (or still in the hospital)- if not, I'll be there and a little crabby about still being pregnant.

Jolene said...

Bummed. I really wanted to come, but am unable to. So bummed!

Jamie H said...

I'll be coming sometime between 4-5. Will stay for a few hours but have to work on Sunday am so I can't stay over night. Would bring a dish to pass but unfortunately I'm coming straight from work (scrubs and all!). I'm all up for ordering pizza from somewhere if people want :)

Suzannah said...

URGENT & IMPORTANT: If anyone has a spare or just one aerobed that they'd be willing to let me use, please let me know. Have major chronic pain & fibromyalgia. Can't sleep w/o one as pain is flaring up big & bad. Also I have Fried Green Tomatoes and was gonna bring Mamma Mia! Any other requests, catch me @suzannah_mpls on Twitter! Thanks in advance! Suz

Salt in Suburbia said...

Hey girls! Sounds like a great time. Heard about you from my friend Bonnie @ the Fragile X Files -- I plan to stop by with her for a bit and meet you all! Not sure what I'm bringing to share yet. Like someone else said -- it'll have to be a surprise.