Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UPDATE #HarperSnugglesTweetUp2

Really sorry but the #HarperSnugglesTweetUp will need to be rescheduled. Harper is sick. Considering calling doc in the a.m. if not improved. Poor thing has been up most of night and it is around 4:30am now.

Update: I had a lovely chat with Totally Kids in Minneapolis and we'll be meeting up there tomorrow at 3pm. The address is: 7876 Portland Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55420.
We will leave Totally Kids at approximately 5pm and head to IHOP for dinner, arriving around 5:15. You are welcome to join us at either location. Please let me know via blog comment or The Twitter.

Please note that Totally Kids is a furniture store that was kind enough to let us utilize their space. They have a play area and table area for us to sit and visit. They did (very politely) remind me that it is not safe for the kids to climb on the furniture displays so we need to be mindful of that. :)

This Friday, we (Brad, Katy, Jamie, Harper and I) will be traveling to the Twin Cities to meet up with friends and let the kidlets play. Some of you have expressed interest in getting in some Harper snuggles and Jamie has some big fans too. :) Since we had so much fun at the original #HarperSnugglesTweetUp we figured we'd try it again!

So here's the plan so far. We are leaving home around 1:45pm. We will arrive in the Twin Cities at approximately 3pm. We have two locations that are possibilities for a meeting spot: The Blast in Eagan and Totally Kids in Minneapolis. I will be contacting them both tomorrow to check the feasibility/availability of the locations. I'm also taking suggestions so feel free to comment if you have an idea. (It is preferred that the location not be a restaurant so that we can avoid having anyone feel like they have to pay to eat and also so we can be sensitive of those with food allergies.)

At around suppertime, we will be going to the IHOP right by the Mall of America. Jamie has requested Chicken & Waffles and Brad said he'd take the trip to the Cities with us if we went to IHOP.

You are welcome to join us either at the first location (which I will announce tomorrow) AND/OR at IHOP. Either one works for us! Just let me know either here or on Twitter so that I know who will be arriving (and also so we can reach you in case there is a need to change plans).

I will update this post with the location as soon as it is decided.

I do want to let you know that Harper has the sniffles. She is already feeling much better than she was a day or two ago and I'm sure she'll be over it by Friday...but just wanted to let you know in case you didn't want to risk exposure to any germs. Figured I'd give you a heads-up in case she takes a turn for the worse and we end up canceling. (Brad's dad also had some health issues this past weekend so we are being mindful of that as well.)  I'm fairly confident that it won't be a problem though.  If plans need to change, I'll post any changes, updates or cancellations on Twitter (using the hashtag in the title of this post) and on the blog.

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Unknown said...

I WILL BE THERE. It's across the street from my office. (Can you tell I'm excited?) :)

Sarah said... of these times it WILL work out for me to meet up with you one of these days!!! We have plans for Friday already or I would totally be there! I want to meet miss Harper! Maybe we can plan a Como Zoo day sometime this summer???