Monday, September 20, 2010

Blast From The (Not So Distant) Past

I was looking for something in my work e-mails and ran across something that made me chuckle.

On May 5 2010, Jo wrote:

Hi all,

I am over on hours due to the event last night so I'm going to head out. I let A. and the main office know as well as L. No one else is in the office. I'm headed over to the clinic to get a chest x-ray to find out if this horrible cough and tight chest is something more than a cold or allergies as both have ignored my attempts to make them go away.

I will be in tomorrow working normal hours.


On May 6 2010, Jo wrote:

Have you ever gone to the grocery store to pick something specific up and walked out with something else entirely...forgetting the thing you went to get?

Yeah...I went to the clinic for a chest x-ray and walked out pregnant. :-D

Never did get an answer about the cough...


Issa said...

LOL, this made me seriously smile. Ha.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha That is awesome.

Laura said...

Haha that's funny!! Must have been one good chest x-ray! ;)

kris said...


Is just awesome.

Hee hee!

Jennifer said...

That was funny. Did they actually take the x-ray? When i was pregnant and didn't know it I had a mammogram! My daughter turned out just fine!

Kami said...


MollyinMinn said...

This was great! Like Laura said, that is some chest x-ray.