Monday, April 6, 2009

I suck and haven't updated even though I said I would

So, I suck. I admit it. Jamie had an appointment on FRIDAY and today is MONDAY and I still haven't updated. My only excuse is that I was too busy on the weekend stalking MckMama on Twitter and Blogger waiting for updates on baby Stellan. Feel free to click HERE for her blog.

Today Brad and I have both been sick so we stayed pretty low-key computer-wise. So...instead of writing my own update on Jamie, I am again going to steal the words of my precious hubby and post the email that he sent to family on Friday.

So here goes...

Alrighty, time for another update. Lot's to cover this time.

First, we got his blood test results. I've got a list somewhere of all of the specific results, but the short version is that not a single thing showed up in the results to indicate that there was any disorder that he might have. The only slightly elevated value was his platelet count, which they said is likely just from how little he is. Also, his urine test combined with some of the blood tests indicate that his kidney's and liver are functioning perfectly. So, another few organs eliminated as causing any problems. YAY!

Today was his stomach x-ray. First, he had to go 4 hours without eating anything. We thought that might be an issue as he normally eats every couple of hours, but he did awesome today. He ate a huge breakfast and fell back to sleep. Thankfully he slept in the carseat on the way to the Clinic and stayed sleeping right up until it was time for the test. (Note from Jo: He actually woke up right when we were walking from parking to the clinic and well before the testing started and was cooing and flirting with the nurses right up until test time. I'd forgotten to tell Brad how shocked I was that he was so well-behaved considering that he HAD to be starving.) So, the disaster we thought would happen with him being hungry was avoided. Once in the room, the nurses fed him a bottle of what looked like liquid chalk. Apparently it tasted pretty good because he actually got mad when they took the bottle away from him!

Anyway, the doctors running the test were fairly surprised at how quickly he showed clear indications of having reflux. We were actually doing the test to confirm that it was NOT reflux and it turns out that he does indeed have it. (Yes, I know, there will be plenty of "told you so" coming I'm sure). Here's how much the GI doctor didn't think that it was reflux - she didn't even schedule a follow up appointment for after the stomach x-ray. She assumed that he would pass the x-ray and the next test would be the ph test. Guess we were all wrong!

Her recommendation, after talking with the consultant, is that he start on Previcid immediately and then we will have a follow-up sometime next week to see how he's doing. She still wants to do the sleep study and ph test, just to make sure all the bases are covered. There was a slight change in that as well, though. Instead of doing the 24-hour ph test at the same time as the sleep study, we have to do them separately. This means that either we spend two consecutive nights in the hospital, or we go back for a second visit. We haven't even begun to discuss that yet, so we'll keep you posted on what we decide.

I think that's it for now. In summary, it appears that he does have reflux and is starting medication for it. We have a follow-up next week with GI to discuss all of our treatment options and develop a plan. From there we will also figure out how we are going to handle the sleep study and ph test.

Oh, and last but CERTAINLY not least....Jamie rolled over from front to back yesterday - FOUR TIMES! Of course, he did it at daycare in front of Katy, but Jo and I have not yet seen him do it. There's definitely nothing wrong with his development, that's for sure!

Brad and Jo

UPDATE: Our appointment with pulmonology was canceled as the cardiologist figured it was pointless to go that route since Jamie had such a positive reaction to the reflux testing. We have an appointment to follow up with GI on Thursday afternoon (per my specific request) so that we can develop the new plan.

Still no roll over for Mommy and Daddy, the little stinker. :P However, he has fully embraced his ability to screech VERY LOUDLY. Did I mention it was VERY LOUDLY? Not necessarily crying or even unhappy screeching (although he's done that too) but he's definitely let us know that he's discovered volume. He has specifically discovered volume after what would be considered an acceptable bedtime. For instance, this evening he pretty much started screeching (mostly happily) at around 10pm and stopped around 10:50pm or so.

Lord help us now...please? :D

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Sunshine Mama said...

That's funny...the screeching. I'm sure it is loud. All babies do something different and unexpected it seems. I wish I could here it. Again thanks for the nice update.