Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day Three Of The Ickyness

Katy is home AGAIN today. We checked her temperature this morning and she still has a fever. She is coughing and a bit more tired than usual and her appetite is still not 100%. She really does seem like she's feeling better though and I probably would have sent her to school if not for the temperature.

Don't get me wrong, I love it when I can be home but..well...I've been cooped up since Monday and I'm going a little stir crazy. Add to that equation that I'm also getting sick now (dang it) and it makes for a crabby Momma.

Brad was nice enough to come home early to help out since I'm not feeling well either. Jamie's getting cranky too...poor thing is probably infected with whatever plague this is.

I hope we feel better before the end of the day tomorrow when I have to take Katy to her dad for the weekend. I'm also hoping that we can get to LaCrosse on Sunday to do some visits!

(Shannon, are you guys home on Sunday in the afternoon? Depending on how we are feeling, we might be going to Erica's parents for lunch but would like to visit you after that if you are available.)

Not much fun to report today, everyone being all tired and icky and such. We did discover that Jamie loves it when you blow raspberries on his belly. He makes the bubble blowing noise with his mouth and gets all excited. I did it yesterday and he sorta giggled. He doesn't quite have the full blown giggle down for me but he does it for Daddy. He'll get there soon I'm sure. :D

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Sunshine Mama said...

Hey, I said I "Learned how to post". Hopefully that will happen tonight. Can you catch the bug through the web? two of my five have got something and I think I'll be going to bed early tonight too..that is if I can pull myself away from blogging:) We are home this weekend...Hopefully you guys are feeling better. That's fun when they all-out laugh.