Monday, August 11, 2008

RIP my sweet little man

Chance the first year:Chance the second year:

Last night my sweet little kitty man left us and my heart is breaking. The neighbor boys came over and told the girls that a cat was lying dead by the side of the road about a block from our house. The girls...being kids...of course went to check and sure enough, it was our little guy. Thankfully, he didn't appear to have suffered. The girls were traumatized by finding him but it could have been so much worse if he had been...well...messy. They ran home screaming and crying and I comforted them as best as I could. The youngest kept crying, "I want CHANCE" while the oldest just cried silently. Hard to say which broke my heart more.

The girls and I talked a bit and they seemed to feel a little better. We talked about the day Chance came to us (which will have to be a blog for another day because I'm just not up to it now). We talked about what we would NOT miss about him (live birds and mice in my bed, his endearing little habit of going poop in his litter box in the bathroom whenever a human was in the same room...EWWWW that cat could smell up a room!) and we talked about how he was up in Heaven right now, pouncing on and generally terrorizing everyone in sight and keeping various grandma and grandpas company.

I sent the girls off to watch a movie (because bedtime doesn't apply when a pet croaks) and had my own little mini-breakdown. The girls watched Mulan then went off to bed and I apparently had a good night of sleep (oddly enough) for once. Ok, I had another sob-fest but gimme a break, I'm pregnant and hormonal and I loved that cat dammit! I'm sure all the crying is why I slept so well...but I'll take it where I can get it.

This morning sucked, no kitty doing random flippy things on the sidewalk to distract me from going to work or yelling at me that his food dish is not filled to his exact specifications...but I managed to get to work ok nonetheless.

I'm sure we'll all feel better soon. Sure will miss the little creep though.

On a completely unrelated but hilarious note, my youngest has discovered the wonders of Gmail chat. I just had the following conversation with her online:

Sent at 1:08 PM on Tuesday

Katy: hi
me: hi baby
what are you doing?
Katy: wating for Laura to finesh going poop
Katy: lol

Note, she figured out how to sign in, locate me and start the conversation. She also apparently knows what "LOL" means???

My husband reacted as follows when I copy/pasted the conversation to him:

B: lmao
great, she's figured out how to get into chat on her own?
me: yep, AND how to say "lol"
i called and asked her how she knew that
she said it was from watching me
B: lol
and she knows what it means?
me: yup
B: crap
me: or at least that it means someone did something funny
B: i'm gonna have to lockdown the 'puters again and put VNC software back on them, aren't i?
me: yep
B: gah

Yeah, GAH is right... *hits head against desk repeatedly*

So...while we are sad life does apparently go on.

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