Wednesday, January 31, 2007

...and we're back to being angry

So, I'm a jerk. Ok, I can deal with that. In a fit of anger, I wrote a blog saying how upset I was because I felt I was being treated unfairly by someone. I realize that my perspective might have been skewed by the fact that it was happening to ME. Maybe I overreacted but good Lord, who doesn't once in awhile?? Life sucks. Oh well.

So, when I decide to move on and stop thinking about it, it really STINKS when someone you thought was a friend gives you an IM version of a slap in the face. I messaged someone who I thought was a friend to tell her I am PREGNANT only to be told that my "angry blog" was (and I quote) "out of line". Now I am blocked by said friend. She didn't even get a chance to hear the news, not that she apparently will care anyway, because she was too busy telling me she didn't want to talk to me and then slamming the virtual door in my face before giving me a chance to respond to why she is upset. So friend, if you are reading this...I'm sorry if I hurt your anger was not directed at you and I apologize if you thought it was. I'd think you would have known that. I'd tell you in person but you aren't speaking to me. (And no one knows who you are because I didn't TELL anyone. Just so you know.)

So yeah, I'm pregnant. Yay me.

All in all, today sucks. And I'm crying because my feelings are hurt. Shit happens.

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